About Us

About Us

Welcome to bankbuzz.in we are a Bangalore based Start-up dealing with all your financial needs, be it a personal loan, housing loan, capital needed for business or mortgage loans and credit cards. We are tied up with various financial institutions to fulfill all your financial needs.

bankbuzz.inis an association of ex bankers and people with in depth knowledge of financial products who have come forward to fulfill the needs of customers with best offers and a wide range of products. BankBuzz.in does not charge any fee from the customers even though we act as online advertising platform for Banks and various financial institutions.

bankbuzz.in pioneered the concept of online loan portal in India. We are an online loan and credit card information and application portal, we are providing you with valuable information regarding loans and credit cards.

bankbuzz.in is a completely independent loan information service and our directory of lenders gives you all the information you need about the loans which companies you are considering and what they offer time to time., if still customer has any further queries then they can leave their number in our website where in our loan adviser will call back within 24 hrs time with solution.

We do not charge any fee from the customer for any advisory service being provided by us,

Our aim is to help customers take advantage of the best prices and services on offers from all the leading Financial Institutions.

It is just a one step process:

  • Just apply online
  • Leave your number our loan adviser will call back
  • send us SMS BLOAN to 9035400900.

So the next time you think of taking Loans or need a Credit card bankbuzz.in is at your door step Our team is just a phone call / email away

Our loan adviser will call back with competitive rate quotes from all the leading banks in your city. For further information contact us at info@bankbuzz.in